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As an independent escrow company, Palm West Escrow offers a number of advantages compared to other escrow companies. Because Palm West Escrow is an impartial third party, we are able to provide the highest level of integrity and service in fairly representing the interests of all parties involved in the real estate transaction. 













the team


Julie Harris
Julie Harris
Certified Escrow Officer Manager/Owner

Julie began her escrow career over 37 years ago, and in 1993 Julie joined Palm West Escrow, as an Escrow Officer and Co-Owner. Julie takes great pride in the thorough and impartial service that she delivers through out every transaction she handles. Julie earned her Certified Escrow Officer designation from the California Escrow Association in 1991, served as president of the Certified Escrow Association in 1992, and Director of the California Escrow Association in 1993. Palm West Escrow provides excellent service with 5 Escrow Officers and 13 employees.

Teri Radford
Teri Radford
Escrow Officer

Megan Saidi x3025 


Hannah Binggeli x3018

With over 37 years experience in the industry, Teri worked for both real estate and title companies before moving into the escrow field. Teri has been with Palm West Escrow since the very beginning back in November of 1991. Teri has consistently been a top-producer with Palm West Escrow and has extensive knowledge in all aspects of escrow.

Traci Robbins
Traci Robbins
Certified Escrow Officer

Traci began her escrow career in 1985, joining Palm West Escrow in August of 2000. Professional and Persistent, she earned her Certified Escrow Officer designation in 1994. Traci has extensive knowledge in all aspects of escrow, including but not limited to Conventional, Bulk Sales, FHA and VA sales, 1031 Exchanges, Mobile Home, Commercial and Refinance Escrows. Traci's personal touch and emphasis on detail and professionalism, results in customer return and a smooth transaction for everyone involved.

Dilys Hughes
Dilys Hughes
Escrow Officer

Dilys is very pleased to be rejoining Palm West Escrow, Inc. after having spent many years working for various escrow companies in the South Bay. Prior to escrow she worked in the new loan department of a Savings & Loan Company in Redondo Beach. Dilys enjoys handling sale escrows and refinance escrows.

Patrice Walter x3028
Helen Shepeard x3032
Sandra Shustak
Sandra Shustak
Escrow Officer

Sandra Shustak began her escrow career in 1991. Her knowledge and experience in handling all aspects of the escrow process has given her the ability to provide the best quality service and in the process has built a long lasting relationship with her clients. As a resident of the South Bay, Sandra feels fortunate to be able to provide her services to her community. 

Floater Assistants:
Judith Castro x3050
Judy Miller x3041

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